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Considering Bankruptcy?

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Should I File Bankruptcy?

The fact is, every situation is different. Bankruptcy is a big step to take, but one designed to give you a fresh start in your financial affairs.

Ruffi Law Offices, S.C. provides Debt Relief to help people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

Benefits of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Ruffi Law Offices:

  • Eliminate all of your debt in most cases and most of your debt in other cases
  • Eliminate your debt while still being able to keep your home, vehicle, and personal property
  • Stop all wage garnishments and collection efforts
  • Stop harassing phone calls from creditors
  • Take the first step toward establishing good credit and moving toward future vehicle and home ownership
  • Since Ruffi Law Offices is a small local firm, you will work with one attorney and receive personal attention throughout the bankruptcy filing process


Bankruptcy FAQs

Q. When should I file for bankruptcy?
A. When you have an overwhelming amount of debt you will not be able to pay off.

Q. Why not debt consolidation?
A. You pay back your creditors in debt consolidation and it often does not resolve all your debt problems.

Q. How long does it take to file bankruptcy?
A. Bankruptcy can be filed within a week or two, as long as you qualify and you provide us with the documents and information necessary to file.

Q. How much will bankruptcy hurt my credit?
A. In most cases, your credit score will not decrease since your credit score is already damaged. Bankruptcy will eliminate the debt that is hurting your credit score.

Q. Will I ever be able to obtain a car loan or a home loan again?
A. If you do everything necessary to help your credit score after filing for bankruptcy, you likely will be able to obtain a car loan within 12 months of the end of your bankruptcy case, and a home loan within 24 months.

Q. Will I lose my home, car, or personal possessions?
A. Bankruptcy laws provide exemptions to help you keep your home, car, and personal possessions in most cases. You will only lose your home, car, and personal possessions if you choose to surrender them.

Q. Will I lose my pension or retirement savings?
A. No. The bankruptcy laws provide exemptions which allow you to keep your pension and retirement savings.

Q. Who will find out about my bankruptcy?
A. Only the creditors listed in your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy filings are not publicly published anywhere.

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